Our Services

Our studio offers a creative design solutions for clients who appreciate originality and uniqueness. We offer a range of interior design services:

  • Interior Design projects – floor plans, 3d modeling, selection of color solution, interior decoration
  • Hand Painted Architectural Rendering – house elevations & facade rendering
  • Mural paintings – images of landscape & architecture, human figures, animals, different symbols & abstract elements, and children’s room with planar images
  • Bas-reliefs / Wall Sculptures – 3D renderings of trees & flowers, architecture, human figures, animals, symbols & abstract elements, and children’s rooms themes
  • Art classes – private and group art classes, all ages from 2.5 to 100 years old 🙂

Definition of murals complexity.

Painting walls can be written in different ways. For example, a decorative painting with a minimum number of parts versus a realistic, volumetric painting, with the construction of a complex perspective. Also a large number of items will require longer drawing time. Of course these projects’ prices are significantly different from each other. All these details should be taken into account when ordering murals.

Custom painting & sculpting on the wall

Painting/Sculpting on the wall can be constructed as proposed by your sketch or the image file.

If you have the image you wish to see on your wall, email it to me, as well as the photo of the wall. This way I can pre-assess the price of the painting better.

If you have not yet decided on the image, please send me a photo of the wall where the painting/sculpting is planned, as well as your wishes to what you would like to see on the wall. Then we will select the image, color and style for your home decor.

Once the image is selected, it is necessary to inspect the room and the walls, to finalize the cost of the artwork. During the inspection, we will discuss with you the materials for painting, image adjustments, the deadline, and a way to access the premises. After discussing these items, I will determine the final price of the artwork.

After the price agreement with the customer, executed sketch of the future painting. At this stage, the work on the sketch payable 100%.


Payment for a sketch is done 100% before you start working on it.

Payment for painting or sculpting the walls is divided into stages:

  • Payment prior to the start of work on the painting – 50% of the cost of the work.
  • Halfway finished – 30-40%.
  • After completion of the mural paid remaining 10-20%.

When large volumes of painting work is divided into parts then the financing plan is created with the customer individually.